Travel + Leisure and Food & Wine’s Local Flavor Website



Fall 2016 / View Live


Freelance Art Director: UX concepts and wireframing, responsive design, visual design


Travel + Leisure and Food & Wine traveled the United States in search for the most fascinating neighborhoods with top restaurants and shops. They discovered 10 local areas with makers, entrepreneurs and artists who are coming together to embrace their unique cultures and style. Through the Local Flavor website, the top 10 neighborhoods and hot spots are on full blast as must-visit destinations.

Key Challenges

  • Create a unique website that gives all 10 destinations a moment in the spotlight, while also harmonizing with the Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, and sponsor brands

  • Incorporate ad requirements

  • Tastefully drive users to Food & Wine and Travel + Leisure primary websites to read more

  • Design for responsive breakpoints



The internal agency within Meredith Corporation, The Foundry, has a vast network of channels and platforms in which they create custom experiences for their brands to connect with their consumers. Travel + Leisure and Food & Wine partnered up (with Edward Jones as a sponsor) to create this exploratory and informational website which promoted unique destinations across the map. Through extensive coordination with The Foundry and these 3 brands, I designed a microsite which allowed users to read about these destinations on the surface, while presenting opportunities to explore more. These sucessful entry points converted many users to the Travel + Leisure and Food & Wine primary websites. This increased engagement on their destination pages which was a primary goal in this initiative.