Sports Illustrated’s NASCAR Sprint Cup

UI/UX, Infographic Design
Launched February 2016 // View Live


NASCAR is the pinnacle of America’s need for speed, and this 36-race battle to win it all starts with the Daytona 500, the most prestigious race in NASCAR. After a $400 million reimagining of this iconic speedway in 2016, the fan experience changed dramatically. Increasing grandstand seating, adding multiple concourses, WiFi, HD displays and more, goes a long way since it’s original construction in 1959. This tremendous debut needed a platform to highlight these upgrades, house important race information, and get fans excited to see it for themselves. The trusted voice of Sports Illustrated was driving this initiative and I led the design.

Key Challenges

  • Balance the utility of race information with rich editorial content

  • Create a unique stand-alone website that works in Sports Illustrated’s ecosystem

  • Surface stats in unique and visual ways

  • Design responsive web layouts that can be re-used in a systematic way



As part of a larger initiative around the new Daytona speedway and the upcoming Sprint Cup races, this website was considered the hub for all things. This meant that I had to coordinate with many other teams around photography, video, editorial schedules, sponsorship requirements, copy editing and fact checking, development timelines, and sign offs from various groups under tight deadlines. The final presentation, which was partially templatized, helped to streamline and expedite both design and development, as well as promoted a cohesive design style across all pages.