Percolate ROI Calculator



Interactive Designer: Concepts and wireframing, UI/UX, visual design


Percolate is a Content Marketing System aimed to help improve end-to-end marketing processes. It is the source of truth for all initiatives and helps marketers scale their operations, ensure consistency and transparency, and deliver cohesive experiences across the entire enterprise. The sales team at Percolate is a primary stream for reaching and expanding customer partnerships, as well as building meaningful and lasting relationships. Communicating with these potential customers and identifying business challenges opens the gates to shaping solutions that mutually fit with the Percolate platform. This powerful ROI calculator validates the benefits of deploying Percolate software across an organization by estimating the return on investment. The tool was created for internal use which allows the sales team to walk customers through various areas in which they will see significant cost savings by using Percolate.

key Challenges

  • Easily allow sales representatives to further validate Percolate software

  • Design a collaborative, seamless experience that can be calculated during active calls

  • Get customers to learn and understand their estimated ROI

  • Get customers to request a demo

  • Use the branded web UI aesthetic