Percolate Website



Launched 2015 / View Live


Interactive Designer: Concepts and wireframing, responsive design, UI/UX, visual design, specs and documentation, presentation, style guide creation


Percolate is a Content Marketing System aimed to help improve end-to-end marketing processes. It is the source of truth for all initiatives and helps marketers scale their operations, ensure consistency and transparency, and deliver cohesive experiences across the entire enterprise. While Percolate had strong brand presence in their product and marketing materials, we needed to elevate the brand impact across other touch points, which included the marketing website. This long term initiative started with a re-design of the home, clients, and integration pages.

key Challenges

  • Clearly showcase Percolate’s product value and success

  • Get users to request a demo

  • Design responsive web layouts that can be re-used across the ecosystem

  • Create a set style guide for the web that harmonizes with the overarching brand

  • Help drive users to other pages within the website