SchoolKeep Website



Launched 2016 / View Live


Freelance Designer: Concepts and wireframing, responsive design, UI/UX, visual design, presentation, specs and documentation, illustration, photo research


SchoolKeep is a modern training software that enables brands to create and deliver online courses. Both large and small-scale companies rely on SchoolKeep’s Learning Management System to train their teams for best practices and to improve business outcomes. SchoolKeep’s mission is to enable managers to create and deliver a best-in-class training program, no matter the level of e-learning experience. This re-designed marketing website aligns with the company vision and effectively showcases the product with elegance. An internal brand called Simply Sourced was also created during this initiative as an example company who uses SchoolKeep.

key Challenges

  • Establish a unique look and feel for a brand re-design within the LMS landscape

  • Get users to book a demo

  • Define and create a Style Guide for the internal marketing team

  • Clearly provide information about the product while driving users to other pages on the website

  • Design responsive web layouts that can be re-used across the ecosystem