UI/UX, Custom Assets, Style Guide
Launched Summer 2016 // View Live


SchoolKeep is a modern training software that enables brands to create and deliver online courses. Both large and small-scale companies rely on SchoolKeep’s Learning Management System to train their teams for best practices and to improve business outcomes. While partnering with the product and marketing teams at SchoolKeep, I was tasked to re-design the website to help elevate the brand, showcase information and product offerings, and to find strategic ways to convert users. This website aligned with SchoolKeep’s business objectives, expressed the brand through a fresh design language, and effectively showcased the distinct product features. Additionally, I led the design for the internal brand called Simply Sourced which was used on the website and in the product demo.

Key Challenges

  • Discover opportunities for successful client acquisition

  • Create a clear and easy to use experience for information consumption around the product

  • Establish a unique look and feel for a new design language

  • Increase brand consistency by providing a Style Guide for the internal marketing team

  • Design responsive web layouts that can be re-used across the ecosystem



While working closely with the Design Director and Product Marketing Manager on rich content strategy and approach on the widespread re-design, there was constant open dialogue throughout this initiative. Wireframes and visual design concepts were key in presenting to all stakeholders who were deeply involved in the launch, including the CEO. 1-by-1, each page of the website began taking familiar shape with established patterns, styles, tone, and signature illustrations.


This initiative included a deep-dive into a marketing style guide which covered everything from photography selection, messaging and tone, to our established UI patterns. This was created to ensure greater consistency across a variety of teams, serve as a resource for new team members, as well as formalize the brand’s personality and distinctions.


Simply Sourced, a farm-to-groceries brand, was internally created to help illustrate the power of SchoolKeep’s training platform. I led the design on this initiative by creating a custom logo, icon set, and assets that were used on the marketing website and in the product demo.