SchoolKeep Design Center Onboarding



Freelance Designer: UX concepts through wireframing and flows, visual design


SchoolKeep is a modern training software that enables brands to create and deliver online courses. Both large and small-scale companies rely on SchoolKeep’s Learning Management System to train their teams for best practices and to improve business outcomes. Various needs include streamlining course creation, managing an online community, to better engaging learners. The Design Center is one of many integral features which allows creators to customize the look and feel of their online academy, ultimately connecting learners to the school’s identity. This distinction is a gateway to a more meaningful learning experience, so it was essential to onboard creators to this feature. The Design Center was introduced through this step-by-step wizzard which helps first-time users to seamlessly set up their design customizations.


Through clear messaging and actions, organization of information, and familiar patterns, two valid approaches were explored in wireframes.

The ease and clarity of the wizzard approach, in contrast to the side panel approach, was the more successful solution. It accomplished a few key goals that outshined the contender:

  • The outcome of this flow is dependable. The untrained user can focus on one step at a time without the distraction of many navigation choices.

  • Each step is clearly labeled at the top to show progress (and keeping it short at that). Therefore, users are more likely to finish the onboarding process.

  • Each section includes a title and a brief description, giving users context and explanation of purpose.